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Vitamin A promotes healthy skin by preventing breakouts, speeding up healing and supporting the skin’s immune system. It also helps to naturally moisten the skin, hydrating it effectively for a beautiful glow. As a result, it keeps the dermis and epidermis – the top two layers of the skin – looking and feeling healthy.


Jojoba oil can be used as a natural moisturizer on skin. It is easily absorbed and helps to hydrate the skin, while also providing antioxidant protection. Jojoba oil can also be helpful in reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks.


Rose water is a common ingredient in beauty products, and for good reason. We include rose water in our purifying pink clay mask for its ability to improve complexion and reduce redness of the skin. It also boasts antibacterial properties that can be beneficial for acne, making our mask an excellent choice if you’re searching for a pink clay acne face mask.

Volcanic Clay

The volcanic clay in our organic pink clay mask works to unclog pores, remove dead skin cells, clear impurities and soften skin. For even softer skin, we recommend applying moisturiser to your skin after rinsing off our pink clay mud mask.


The essential oils and botanical extracts contained within jasmine hydrate the skin, helping to make it softer. Jasmine flower also improves skin elasticity and balances moisture in the skin, making it ideal for dry skin. Skin immunity is also boosted thanks to its natural antibacterial properties that protect the skin.

Portulaca oleracea

Taken from the succulent Portulaca oleracea, this extract provides antioxidant benefits for the skin, assisting with the healing of wounds and the calming of irritated skin. It’s also super hydrating and has excellent anti-ageing properties, making it a key ingredient in our pink clay exfoliating mask.



Dampen the face lightly with water
Apply a thin layer of the pink clay mask to the face
Allow 10 minutes for the mask to dry
Rinse the mask off with water and pat the skin dry

Love it or get your money back! We offer a 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee for our Australian pink clay mask. Your refund will be processed after we receive the returned product/s. Please note, you will be responsible for shipping. We recommend using a trackable service, as lost returned items cannot be reimbursed. See our returns policy for more details.


Pink clay face masks are highly sought after due to the various benefits they offer skin. If you’re concerned about ageing skin, acne prone skin, oily skin or dry skin, incorporating an organic pink clay mask into your regular skincare routine can give you great results.

Pamper your skin with a pink clay face mask from Prosopo Skin Care. As a leading supplier of natural pink clay masks made from completely organic ingredients, our products are suitable for a range of different skin concerns. Shop online with us to find the best pink clay mask for your skin and begin reaping the benefits sooner rather than later!


  • Our pink clay mask is smooth and creamy in texture, with antioxidant-rich ingredients including Vitamin A, B, C & E.
  • Protects your skin and reduces signs of ageing, acne, blackheads and pigmentation.
  • Promotes a radiant and balanced complexion as it regenerates skin cells, bringing on the natural glow that gives skin a more youthful appearance.
  • Good for skin that’s UV damaged, lacking in moisture or experiencing inflammation.
  • Can brighten, detoxify, hydrate, regenerate, tone and soften skin.
  • 100% vegan, animal cruelty free and toxin free.


When you take a look at Prosopo Skin Care’s product range, you’ll quickly see that we have the most affordable Australian pink clay mask price available without compromising on quality. Order our pink clay detoxifying mask online today, or enquire online to learn more about the pink clay mask benefits you can enjoy.


  1. Juanita Heart

    Love this mask and so handy that it is already made up in the tub. Super creamy and leaves my skin so soft and smooth. Love it is organic and natural. You get a fair few masks out of this tub to. Thanks for a great product

  2. Lilli

    Made my skin feel so clean and clear! Can’t recommend more highly

  3. Marisa

    This is such an incredible clay mask! It leaves my skin nourished, smooth and doesn’t dry it out unlike other clay masks I’ve tried. Highly recommend in your skincare routine 💗

  4. Dhel

    This is my holy grail!!!! Thank God to this product. ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Elena

    The organic mask cleans my face so deep and leaves my skin glowing!
    Definitely you have to try it you will love it 😍

  6. Maria

    The smoothest clay I have ever tried!
    Left skin feeling smooth and clean like never before highly recommended.
    It really works!!

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